Friend of the Market

The Friend of the Market program is your way of voicing support for WFM.  By purchasing one of our annual tote bags for $40, you support the fundraising efforts of your favorite farmers’ market (a 501c-3). Your financial support of the Friend of the Market program helps to offset the vendors’ fees thus allowing each vendor to take more money home at the end of the day.

WFM bag
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Farmer Kids Community

The Farmers Kids Community (FKC) Program provides Bridgeport elementary school students local and seasonal ingredients to prepare delicious and healthy meals. Through this program, WFM will educate and feed up to 82 elementary school children and their families as they learn about the food growing in and around their communities.

Farmer to School to Community (FSC)

Westport Farmers Market created a partnership between Staples High School Culinary, the Gillespie Center and local food by facilitating a monthly program where students learn about local ingredients while helping their neighbors in need.

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Get Growing

Get Growing is a weekly series specifically designed for our younger visitors. Each week we bring a different activity, craft or entertainer celebrating fresh, local food, our farmers and our kids. “Families have been a part of our market from the beginning,” says Lori Cochran-Dougall, WFM Director. “Kids are really excited to have a fun and educational activity at the farmers' market. We are planting the "seed” through this program."

Young Shoots

Young Shutterbugs show their creative vision by capturing the energy and beauty of the Market and love of local food with their digital photography.

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Recipe Program

The Recipe Program is one of our educational outreach programs run as part of the farmers' market. Its goal is to help customers create easy, healthy and delicious meals using fresh local products found at WFM.  Each month, seasonal recipes from the area's top chefs and WFM vendors will be posted here and on social media. These recipes will provide motivation for trying new dishes, new ingredients and celebrate the flavors of the season.


We have a weekly partnership with Food Rescue.

Every week, WFM vendors donate food that is still fresh, delicious and healthy but was unsold. This food would otherwise go to compost or our waste stream but instead we distribute it to our neighbors in need throughout Fairfield County. Rescue collects food from WFM farmers and vendors to be shared throughout in-need communities including Westport's Gillespie Center..



WFM is focused on our vendors’ success and viability. We also know that there can be unforeseen instances that can set a business back or slow down the production on a farm. We see our market as a community and in a community neighbors lend a hand to neighbors in need. Well, in the WFM community, we have established a fund to help those vendors who fall on hard times.


Engaging area growers to help our neighbors in need through produce donations of backyard growers. Collections are accepted weekly and donated to area shelters directly after WFM.

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Farmers Veterans Community

Farmers Veterans Community (FVC) provides veterans affiliated with Homes for the Brave the opportunity to learn how to prepare farm-fresh food with the guidance of WFM's vast chef network.

Farmer Fund

Westport Farmers Market is focused on our vendors’ success and viability.