Popcorn Balls by Patti Pop of Sport Hill Farms

Popcorn Balls by Patti Pop of Sport Hill Farms

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Tis the season for something sweet! Here is a super easy and delicious way to create some popcorn balls to share with friends and family.

Two ingredients are all that is needed:

(6) cups of popped corn ( melted butter and salt to taste)
1/4 cup local honey

In a saucepan , pour in honey and heat til simmering.

Popcorn should be place in a bowl and then pour the hot honey over it. Toss around with a spoon until is cools down a bit and popcorn is coated. Put in a freezer to chill for 5-15 minutes, Popcorn ball shapes can the be made using an ice cream scoop or 1/4 cup measuring cup. You can grease hands with a little oil to prevent sticking and form into balls and place on parchment paper. They can be stored up to one week in the fridge. You can always roll in sprinkles at the end if you wish as well, or for adults use some spicy honey. Enjoy!

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