We intimately know the value of the local food community. Having access to healthy food, to fresher food is invaluable. Food that has traveled a lesser distance and handled only by the purveyor and buyer is safer. We know our local food community fuels our economy. We know it is priceless for your health and well being. It is in our blood to get you access to local food!

Vendors with the shopping cart icon below offer pre-order options.

Farmers (vegetables, fruit and meat)

Strawberries & Cucurbits - Website

Organic Veggies, Flowers, Eggs, Honey and Maple Syrup - Website

Meat & Vegetables - Preorder


Vegetables & Prepared Food - Website

Jam, toppings, pies, produce, herbs - Website


Dairy (milk & cheese)


Prepared and Baked Goods

Prepared Food - Preorder

Fine Teas, Coffee, Baked Goods - Website

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Carb Bakery - Website

Baked Goods & Prepared Food - Preorder

Sourdough: bread, panettone, and pastries - Website

Bakery, Cafe, Mill - Website

Prepared Food - Preorder

Pizza - Website

Sourdough Bagels - Website



Oysters, Clams, Lobster - Website

The world's purest fish - Preorder

We are accepting pre-orders online and customers get 10% off.



All Natural Ice Pops - Preorder



Herbal Remedies, Organic Tea Leaves, Condiments, Skin Care - Preorder


Pet Food



Mexican Food - Website

Teas - Website

Fine Italian Imports - Website

Fresh Pasta, Pizza Crusts, Tortillas, Bunz - Website

Locally handcrafted artisanal nut milk - Website

Coffee Beans - Website

Artisanal Argentine Food. Empanadas, Medialunas and More - Website

Oil and Vinegar - Website

Champagne Tea - Website

Plant-based. Real Whole Foods. - Website

Vegan Jerky - Website

Catering and Gourmet Meal Delivery - Website 

Bakery Cafe - Website

Fresh Pressed Juice - Website

Baked Goods - Website

Craft Beer - Website





Knife, Scissors & Tool Sharpening - Website



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