We are committed to bringing you REAL food from REAL farmers. When you walk through our stalls, you can rest assured that the farmers, bakers and craftspeople have been hand picked, and held to the highest standards.

We’re always working to cultivate quality – in our produce, in our people, and in everything we do. We also make supporting our farmers and craftspeople a priority, and in turn this helps support our local food mission.

Below are the standards that our vendors must meet in order to participate.

Plants: The seller may sell plant material for food or horticultural purposes, and live ornamental plants, however, all plants must be grown on the seller’s property, or derived from animals raised on the seller’s/farmer’s property. These products may be processed or unprocessed.

Prepared Food: The seller may sell prepared foods if the seller produces small quantities of high quality foods. All prepared foods and baked goods offered at the Westport Farmers’ Market must meet the following standards:

a. All products should feature locally grown ingredients.  Every item sold must contain at least one local ingredient, which should be clearly labled.

b.  All ingredients must also be readily available from the seller, and clear for all patrons to see.

c.  Every item must be made from scratch by the seller, or a member of the seller’s team.

d. The following items may not be used in the cooking, baking or preparation of any item to be sold at the Market:

(1)  Food Coloring

(2)  Premade Fillers

(3)  Trans Fats

(4)  Genetically Modified Ingredients (including flour and corn meal)

(5)  Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

(6)  High Fructose Corn Syrup.

e.  Any meat products used must be antibiotic, hormone, and GMO free, local and/or organic, and humanely slaughtered.  All products sold containing meat product, or a meat byproduct, must be clearly labeled.