We intimately know the value of the local food community. Having access to healthy food, to fresher food is invaluable. Food that has traveled a lesser distance and handled only by the purveyor and buyer is safer. We know our local food community fuels our economy. We know it is priceless for your health and well being. It is in our blood to get you access to local food SO we are opening our 2020 season.

Ordering starts on Saturday at 4:00 p.m.


  1. Select a pick-up time or choose delivery to secure your space to order.
    * please only secure a time if you intend to order - we have a limited number of eaters we can service. **Important** if you do not end up ordering please delete your time slot. (we have a waiting list -please be considerate)
  2. STEP 2 - Return here, scroll down and order from the vendors of your choice.
  3. ONLY adhere to the time slot (or delivery) option you have selected. (ignore your vendor receipt time)
  4. Your name and email address on each order MUST match the name you have provided to the delivery or pick-up service. (we cannot guarantee you will receive your orders, if these do not match)

Step 1 of 2: Schedule pick-up time or delivery

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**it is incredibly important that your pick-up/delivery name clearly matches the purchase name***

Step 2 of 2: Place your orders

Click vendors to place your orders (vendors open in new window)

Farmers (vegetables and meat)

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Dairy (milk & cheese)

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Prepared and Baked Goods

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Baked Goods & Prepared Food  Order

Prepared Food  Order

Prepared Food  Order

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Pet Food




All transactions are between the customer and the vendor. Westport Farmers' Market is not responsible for any transaction or actions surrounding this offering.

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