The Farmers Kids Community (FKC) Program teaches Bridgeport elementary school students to use local and seasonal ingredients to prepare delicious and healthy meals for their families. Through this program, WFM will educate and feed up to 82 elementary school children and their families as they learn about the food growing in and around their communities. Each month, WFM hosts a virtual cooking session, led by local cooks and chefs, for elementary school aged participants in the After School Program at the Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport. The sessions, which are scheduled to move in person once regulations permit, include fun and engaging demonstrations of safe kitchen techniques while following age appropriate and easily replicated recipes to create delicious meals. WFM provides each participant with a bag of ingredients and a recipe to take home so they can proudly use the skills they learned during the demonstration to prepare and share food with their families, thereby engaging the entire household in the local food process.

The Cardinal Shehan Center is a non-profit organization in Bridgeport, Connecticut whose mission is to enrich lives through learning by offering a variety of programs and activities that address the educational, recreational, cultural, and social needs of moderate to low-income families and young people.

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