Enfrijoladas – Quesadillas in Black Bean Sauce, by Lorenza Arnal, Alma Mexican Foods

This is one of the most comforting dishes for Mexicans.  I grew up eating this dish very single weekend for breakfast.  It is nutritious and filling and it really reminds me of home…. Black beans are always available in a typical Mexican kitchen where they are usually cooked in a clay pot for hours, seasoned with epazote, a Mexican herb that is typically used to cook black beans. 

Serves 8 


4 cups of Mexican seasoned pureed beans 

16 corn tortillas (I like to use blue corn tortillas from La Poblanita)

2 cups of shredded chicken 

1 cup of Mexican crema

1 cup of queso fresco or fresh cheese in small cubes

1/8 cup of red onion in small pieces for garnish 

1/4 cup of fresh cilantro leaves for garnish 


Heat the comal of dry skillet for the tortillas.  In a separate pan, heat up the pureed beans until simmering. 

Heat each tortilla for 30 seconds per side until warm.  Fill with shredded chicken and fold into a quesadilla.  With a pair of tongs, dip the quesadilla into the bean puree.  Continue with the rest of the quesadillas.  Plate the quesadillas and pour some more black bean puree over them.  

Drizzle the Mexican crema and cheese on top, and garnish with cilantro and red onion.  You can also add some salsa verde or salsa Roja or some slices of ripe avocado.