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Winter Squash Stuffed with Vegan Quiche

Serves 4-8 Prep time: 1 hour This dish is perfect throughout autumn when squash is sweet and ever-present at our farmers’ market. It makes a lovely main dish for the vegetarians and vegans at your Thanksgiving table, too. Recipe courtesy of Carissa Hvizdo, The Stand. Ingredients: 2 winter squash of any type 3 summer squash,…

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Autumn Vegetable Soup by Liz Rueven

Serves 10-12 Prep time: 1 hour This veggie soup is a quickie to make, dairy-free and vegan, and takes advantage of late fall’s sweet greens. The addition of your favorite beans makes this a filling entree on a cool evening. Like most soups, this one is better if made in advance. Be sure to pick…

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